Tanzania Land Alliance

Tanzania Land Alliance

Land for all,

for our future


TALA is the voice of Tanzanians, calling for land rights and a more secure future.

The Tanzania Land Alliance (TALA) is a member-based organisation representing the leading land rights civil society organisations in Tanzania. TALA plays a unique role in giving local communities and members a voice to policy makers.

Land is life for most Tanzanians, yet far too many remain at risk of losing it. Today, land is highly sought after by a number of competing interests. If those who depend on their land every day don’t have rights over it, then they face losing not just their land but their entire livelihood. We can’t let this happen. 

Tanzanians - especially communities and marginalised people - must have secure rights to their land. We need great laws and policies in place that provide for secure rights to land and we need systems and institutions that uphold those rights.




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